This was a nice easy action to start my world changing ways with. In fact I almost didn’t buy something. But then I relaised this is me and I was on the High Street, I was bound to buy something. Except it wasn’t the birthday card that I really do need to buy for Monday. And my Sister Act soundtrack did arrive from today so really I didn’t need to buy anything. But I did. It’s a nice little book called Top 10 of Britain. And it was half price, that was the main selling point. And when I got to the till I said, ‘No, I don’t need a plastic bag, I don’t want to add another 1 to the 10 billion used every year in Britain’ although only the first bit (word) was out loud.

I have no need to ever get a new plastic bag ever again really. I have my ‘special’ bags from the musicals I’ve seen and from foreign visits. And then I have my big ole Disney Store reuseable bag, which really is good to use for my trips to the Disney Store, especially becuase they do charge 5p for plastic bags in there now. It’s great, you really can see the effort they’re making in reducing packaging. For me it’s just another reason to love the Disney Store 🙂

Anyway, if we all used one less bag a year, well that would be 60 million less plastic bags. I think I’d notice the difference. And thats 60 million x 500 years we don’t have to wait for them to decompose. And then one can become two, and two can become three and we can change the world! So I urge you to think, I’ll put a bag in my pocket before I go out. Or buy a reuseable bag. Even if it isn’t a fun Disney Store one.