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I always want to make sense of life, and ‘find myself’. I know I have dreams. Big dreams, I want to have a best-selling autobiography and turn it into a sitcom and a musical and star in it and also host a chat show and have a TV show called ‘Don’t Knock It Til You’ve Tried It’ and do a thousand other things. But I’ve got to admit that it’s fantasy. It would be great if it happened but I need to set some smaller goals first.

Except there’s only one goal – to change the world. Even if it can’t be through singing my soul out on the West End stage, we all should make a positive impact on the places and people around us. There’s so much tragedy that takes place in the lives of our neighbours, our colleagues, our friends that if no-one tries to make a change then the misery will just keep on seeping in.

By standing up, saying “I want to make a difference, I want to be different” you become a better person. Compliment people, hold the door open, turn the TV off, smile, listening to someone’s problems, just do small things that equal a big impact.

It’s these small changes that I’ll take with me to University. Because I’ll be honest, I’m quite scared about going. Well more like a lot scared., But I know it’s the right time – I’d had an amazing 8 years at Westcliff and I feel happy to move on because I know I’ve made a change Which sounds terribly big headed, but I just know.

And even if I do silly things like leave my keys in the door overnight, go out to clubs without ID, don’t know how to cook and the like, I’ve got to go in faith that none of those silly things will kill me and I will make a big impact. And if I can make others happy I know I’ll be happy too.

As I go I’ve got to let go of the past and keep moving forward, I’ve got to get closure on some parts of my life, big parts of my life, big people in my life. But I take the memories of them into my future. A world changer doesn’t let the past drag him down, he lets it build him up become that superstar shining to make a difference.

That’s me and that’s you. If we all respond to that call to make a difference then the change to the world is incredible, the change to me as an individual is big enough to get closer to working it all out and finding out who I am.

Action 59: Praise people


Yesterday was a good day. The sun was shining down on Early Learning Centre as we held a mini prize giving ceremony for the winner and runners-up of our Design A Superhero competition. The Carnival Queen came and did the presentations, my fellow team members came and clapped and the Echo photographer took a photo. Best of our Jake, our winner, couldn’t stop smiling. He was so happy. I hope he’s enjoying his new bubble machine. In fact that makes me think where my bubble machine is.

The presentation was therefore about praising children for their creative designs and giving them certificates to prove it. What I didn’t do then was give enough praise to the people who made it happen. Thank you to my team mates forcoming and standing outside ELC basically for 5 minutes clapping – their enthusiasm and dedication to our fundriaisng and my crackpot ideas is brilliant. thank you to the Early Learning Centre – their generosity in letting us come and do our own thing under the ELC name, with ELC products was perfect. Most importantly, thank you to everyone who came up with ideas – suggesting let’s get the Carnival Queen to come along (which was the Carnival Queen herself), saying let’s go outside and do this, thinking this is how I’m going to change the world.

We need to say thank you to people more often. Not just ‘thank you for serving me in a shop’, but ‘thank you for that idea’ or ‘that’s inspried thinking’ or just ‘i like your passion’. We need to make everyone feel valued becuase you know what, everyone is valued and everyone deserves praise. And it’s free. To truely appreciate what someone does for you is to make their day and to continue inspiring them.

“Once you start to spread it, baby if you let it, love will comes right on back to you.”

Action 60: Remember people’s names


I have a weird memory. I guess everyone does. I can usually remember what days of the week things happened on. Even if I can’t really remember the event all that well, I can remember the day. And I remember the unimportant things, how I felt at the points leading up to the heart-stopping moments of ym life then I actually do about those moments. I vaguely remember going to Walt Disney World when I was 3. I met roger rabbit and I’ve seen the photo to prove it. Except in my memory, I ran past these two big grass lawns and the rest of the scene was completey deserted and I gave him this massive hug. It took me a few years to realise maybe that was somethingI stole from the souvenir video.

I do try and remember as much as I can, especially when it comes to people. It’s bad when you’re standing around, avoiding talking to someone directly because you know you can’t remember their name, which has happened to me, alot. And then when they’ve left I have to turn to the person next to me and ask what their name is. And that way I can be that bit friendlier, not make that person feel unimpressionable coz I didn’t know there name. and you can smile at them next time you see them. When they’re down the aisles at Tesco helping their mother with the shopping and playing the ‘Bet I’ll see more people I know then you do’ game, you’ll help them win. Well that’s how I feel, although I don’t actually know anyone else who plays that game.

I always hate it when people forget things I tell them as well. Even if I told it to you 18 months ago. In which case perhaps I should rename this entry ‘Remember people’s names and everything Joey says to you.’

Action 3: Fit at least one energy-saving light bulb


I’ve just finished re-decorating my bedroom. By which I mean I’ve just finished having my bedroom re-decorated, seeing as the only thing I did for it was adjust the height of my shleves on the DVD and CD towers and bookcase. I couldn’t even put my letter tray together straight. And I guess most of the decision were made by Mum andI together – I’m pretty rubbish at making decisions. I was even tempted to get the desk at Ikea called Jonas because, well because it was called Jonas.

One thing I decided on all by myself though was fitting energy-saving light bulbs, which was easy enough when Mum was paying for everything. But it’s a win-win situation, in the long term. Yes the cost of buying an energy-saving bulb is more than buying one of those boring old fashioned ones, but they last longer so you don’t have to buy so many bulbs so it saves around £40 in its life time. And imagine if you fitted all your rooms with energy-saving lightbulbs. It would make you that little bit richer and the world that little bit greener.

Action 76: Use one of these email signatures


I’ve been using my email signature for a few months now. It’s from Ghandi – ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ It’s a great little quote – it makes people just stop and think for a few seconds. Well I hope that’s what it does, because I want an email signature that does that. And since I started using it on my emails, the Leigh Times commented about how I was ‘living my motto’. Not that I can take credit for saying it, but I guess I was happy that they thought it isn’t just a meaningless automated line at the bottom of my emails, it means something to me.

And that’s what it should be – not a random phrase you heard once, but a quote or a saying that’s stuck with you. One line that will be a three-second thinker for your contacts. And that can look pretty in different colours and fonts and the like. The We Are What We Do website has a few suggestions, and links to websites advising you how to set up a signature, which I had to follow because I had no idea how to do one.

Action 33: Recycle your books


When I was younger I used to have so many books in my bedroom. And I guess it was how I passed the time. There wasn’t any Sky or any internet or Wiis in my house. Just books, or a piano I couldn’t play terribly well. So books were the best option. I have this great pop-up book about some crazy guy and all the mice he has that was given to me at my Christening. And I had this set of little Kingfisher encyclopedia books I got from Mum and Dad one birthday. Best of all though was my complete set of Mr. Men books. They still have to be my all time favourite series of books I guess. I loved them so much that I even got given a brand new perfect set one birthday not so long ago.

So I didn’t need my well loved copies anymore, I didn’t need the Kingfisher encyclopedia, I didn’t need dozens of other books anymore. So some of the more educational ones went to my little cousins. And some of the others went to charity shops. And the Mr Men books went to a new baby. And it makes me really happy knowing that little boy is going to get the same love out of those crazy people that I did.