Ok so the Facebook struggle continues and largely continues to be lost. I think I have limited my use a bit, but not as massively as I should have done. Certainly even if I still seem to be on Chat waaay too much, I’m not stalking people now. Not that makes me sound good in any respect, but when I say stalking, I just mean when it flashes up in my live feed as to what people are doing – photos, stasuses etc, its not like I’m actually stalking anyone and I’m not planning no any time soon/ever.

I think it has helped me feel less stressy though. I get too stressy trying to keep up with people are doing and I guess trying to keep people up with what I’m doing, showing them this is my life and my life is fun. I don’t think my life can really be that fun if I become compelled to rub it in people’s faces and earn their support.

I still have moments when I think, oh, this occasion would make a good update. Like when I was wearing my jacket inside out, took it off to rectify it, only to realise a further 100m down the street it was still outside out. Or just to say how much I love Rev and everyone there. But I don’t need Facebook to share those stories.