Every day in November I shared #MovemberMemories of my Dad, who died with prostate cancer in 2008. It was both a challenging and affirming experience. I learnt far more than I had prepared myself for.

  1. I look good with a moustache. For the first time in 5 years, shaving it off at the end of was bittersweet.
  2. Dad’s legacy is easy to see in my life. It’s only by discovering my Movember Memories that I’ve recognised how deep his values and support continue to encourage me.
  3. 97% of men don’t check there balls regularly. Why should this shock me? I didn’t check mine until Dr Chris showed me just how easy and important it is.
  4. Some memories I’m not ready to share. At least not in one photo flashing up on Facebook.
  5. I pressure myself to succeed. 30 days is a lot. Sometimes it was easy to take photos. On other days, I was desperately trying to think of a great image to share at 11pm, worried I was stalling on my own challenge.
  6. Generosity surprises me. I didn’t ask for money this Movember, yet I’ve received £110 in donations and beautiful words of support. Fundraising is my day job and still these gifts humble me. Thank you.
  7. I love sharing stories.  I want a career in communications. I know how to get my voice heard in creative ways.
  8. Treasure every relationship you have. Don’t rely on status updates to know how your friends are. Don’t waste all your evenings alone watching iPlayer. Don’t believe that exotic holidays are the only memories that matter. Every single day is a chance to build relationships. The ordinary moments you share will become your treasured memories.