I’m quite a smiley person. I think my Mr Happy pajamas reflect that. And I have Tigger ones and he makes me smile just as much. But the point of this action is not to make myself smile but someone else. Well that’s ewasy enough, I can just be my quirky self. I do some weird things – chomp quite loudly on my PomBears, do a ‘Joey-Jump’ halfway across the room so anyone downstairs would think the ceiling was about to cave in, walk down the street singing along to the Disney songs on my iPod.

The way I’m really enjoying making people smile at the moment though is by spending a couple of afternoons a week doing ‘playtime’ sessions at the Early Learning Centre. It’s great seeing the children look at all the different pens and crayons and stuff I’ve got out for them to use. And then they explode their creativity onto the paper I give them. And smile. Although one did have a tantrum when she left the other day. But her mother caused that not me. The sad truth is for a few of them, they don’t have the pens and the paper and other basic tools to do colouring in at home, which make that smile even more lovely. What makes i even more special is they’re all strangers. And they make me smile too. Like the Dad who suggested his son called his superhero ‘Sea Man’ because it would be funny.

You see 300 people a day, so that’s 300 smiles to give away. And it doesn’t need to be done through Joey-Jumps or Design a Superhero competitions. It just starts with you smiling, and just maybe that person will smile back. I know I would. Just don’t wear a Mr Happy grin all day long becuase I’ve tried it and it really does ache after a while.