I love my BlackBerry. I really do. all my phones beforehand were pretty rubbish. But this is brilliant – I get my emails and my Facebook updates and can listen to my Sister Act soundtrack all in my pocket. What I hate though is when it blinks green and orange at me – low battery. Urgh. If only it could run on solar energy, now then I’d love it even more.

Still it doesn’t take long to charge it up. Roughly 2 hours later and it’s ready to go. So I could easily charge it at my desk at work or when I’m getting ready in the mornings (which does take me quite a long time). What I don’t need to do is charge it overnight. Once it’s charged, if it’s still plugged in it’s wasted energy, wasted energy that doesn’t just fdrain the earth of its resources but drains your wallet of money as well. In fact it drains the nation’s wallet of £47 million a year.

So when your BlackBerry is blinking green and orange at you just before you go to bed, theres three options you could take

  1. Plug in immediately and watse money and energy while you snooze
  2. Plug in immediately but set your alarm for 2 hours time to unplug
  3. Put it on standby if you can or realise it will survive the night so you’ll just plug it in in the morning

I know which option I prefer.