I got post today. I really love getting post. That’s something I’ll hint at even more now by saying my address is HB109.2, University of Warwick. Anyway, today I got post from my Aunt. IT was made even better by the fact that it had money in it. But I was still really excited to get my first bit of post. I always got excited at the thought of post. When I first joined the Youth Council, the fact that I would get regular post was a major selling point to me.

Don’t tell me you feel the same. I mean, we get emails a lot and emails are great, texts are great, but it’s all done in an instant, it’s very easy to do, it’s all quite effortless. Writing a letter though, or sending someone a card when they don’t expect it is something special. Sending an email when someone doesn’t expect it is something special of course, but this is even more special. It’s taking part in an art form we’ve almost forgotten about. It’s getting some paper, getting a nice pen, writing nicely, getting an envelope and a stamp and physical posting it. It’s a process far more enjoyable, far more active than typing and clicking.
I wrote my first letter from uni on Thursday and I know the recipients appreciated it. That to me is what letter writing is about – adding something special to someone’s day, sending them a smile through the post, even if it takes about 7 years to get there because basically the Royal Mail is crap. Despite that, I will send a letter to anyone who wants one and then you might get that little lift to your day I had because you’ve got post.