I’ve just finished re-decorating my bedroom. By which I mean I’ve just finished having my bedroom re-decorated, seeing as the only thing I did for it was adjust the height of my shleves on the DVD and CD towers and bookcase. I couldn’t even put my letter tray together straight. And I guess most of the decision were made by Mum andI together – I’m pretty rubbish at making decisions. I was even tempted to get the desk at Ikea called Jonas because, well because it was called Jonas.

One thing I decided on all by myself though was fitting energy-saving light bulbs, which was easy enough when Mum was paying for everything. But it’s a win-win situation, in the long term. Yes the cost of buying an energy-saving bulb is more than buying one of those boring old fashioned ones, but they last longer so you don’t have to buy so many bulbs so it saves around £40 in its life time. And imagine if you fitted all your rooms with energy-saving lightbulbs. It would make you that little bit richer and the world that little bit greener.