Someone lied to me the other day. I know this isn’t an earth-shattering way to start a blog post. I’m not even sure they realized they were lying to me. But they were, and it was one lie too many from this person. And then someone let me down, using ‘I was being nice’ as their defense. I just couldn’t believe them either.
Now I’m not out to write a rant. But these episodes got really under my skin and I chewed over them a lot, and got angry and upset and sang ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ a few times, even though there was no actual break-up. And after all that thinking, I realized two things. Firstly, Taylor Swift is awesome, so I bought one of her albums. Secondly, we need more honesty in what we say.
I know I let people down sometimes. I try not to, because I like to be a man of my word. If I think I can’t do something, I’ll say. If I say I can help someone, I’ll follow through. I won’t say I’m a saint. I know I occasionally let people down, and tell white lies. But I really try not to. English is like every other language; so rich and versatile, that there’s a word for every situation, that allows us to be honest without being mean.
This honesty has to be foundations for every society. When you believe what someone is saying, you believe in them. You trust them. That’s not to say you have to like them as your friend, but it allows for everyone to be friendly. I don’t want people to be ‘nice’ to me, not least because ‘nice’ is such a wishy-washy word. I want people to be honest with me, so I can build a trusting relationship with them. Of course, the limits of that trust will shift from person to person, but at least it’s there.
So now I’ll be honest. I’m taking part in Movember for the third year running. I thought I’d stop after one, but the lure of knowing each time I will make a difference was too strong to resist. This difference may not be in money. As much as I appreciate that the fight against men’s cancers needs funding (and will welcome any donations to my effort), I also know a blank cheque won’t cure cancer. Instead I want to focus on a difference in getting men to talk about and examine their health. That’s why I can’t comprehend people saying they’re just ‘doing it for fun’. You can grow a moustache anytime of the year for fun. Only in Movember can you grow it and seize the chance to talk to everyone you know about men’s health. Please don’t let that pass by.
To be a man of my word I vow this year to take part in Movember by growing a moustache, learning about men’s health and then implementing it in my life. I’m not doing it to be ‘nice’ or to ‘do my bit’ in any tick-box way. I’m doing it because there is a problem, and I can do something about it.
I’ll be sharing what I learn about men’s health on this blog throughout Movember. You can sponsor me at: