Day one was bad. I actually woke up feeling lost, like there was now a great big hole in my life. I spent the whole day pointlessly looking at my phone for emails and Facebook notifications that were never gonna come. And sending texts with a plethora of typos or even blank texts as I tried to get back to using a standard phone keypad, not a qwerty one. Nevertheless, I made it through the day with only the briefest and allowable visit to Facebook.

Day two was so much easier. I think it was because I was busier. I took a book with me on my day out which was very good seeing as I otherwise would have gone crazy spending 90 minutes on a bus crawling through the Warwickshire snow. Whereas on Day One, I was thinking to myself, this hole is not being filled with anything, I am still not concentrated on things, on Day Two I actually realised I was far less distracted. I paid attention to everyone who spoke to me. Except when I interrupted Clare about a hundred times but I always do that kind of thing.
My mind is still thinking, I wonder what that person is doing, I am curious to know what’s going on. And I have all these thoughts in my head, but no one to tell them to. Well no network of 900+ people to see into my crazy thoughts. And its only two days in. But if the improvement from Day One to Day Two is anything to go by, maybe I’ll find this to be a bit of a breeze.