Things were going so well, really really well in fact. I was doing work and not being distracted by Facebook. I was actually looking at people not my BlackBerry when I was talking with them. I was keeping mycommitment.

And then Monday came along. Now the BlackBerry is still going well, but the problem is i wont miss my BlackBerry if I’m just spending more time on my laptop and well that is what happened. Rather badly. The 10 minute maximum essential Facebook communication kind of disintegrated, and I only really acknowledged that when I was half way clicking through a friend’s photo album. I still didn’t and still don’t let myself see a Live Feed, I think trying to kid myself into thinking I’m still starving myself of Facebook. But the reailty is from Monday to Wednesday it has been a distraction from work.

Now I could look at this as a failure. It kind of is, seeing how I am actually on Facebook now talking to people as I type this. But it is still only one week in of over 6. That still leaves way over a month to go, and a month is ample time for transformation. I do need to bring back the self discipline and stamina I had last week and I guess maybe this week, for various reasons I just have not been in the mood to do that. And now I do feel in a better, more optimistic mood. Optimism isn’t action though. I can’t rely on my mood to do the work for me.