Happy LGBTQ History Month! Today’s action on our daily calendar is a chance stop and think before we start.

Why does LGBTQ History Month matter to you? Maybe it’s so you can do more to stand up and campaign for equality, or because there’s specific LGBTQ friends and family you want to support.

If you’re struggling to articulate why it matters to you, think ahead to the end of the month. What do you want to have learnt or be doing differently?

Then tell someone. This could be a coffee break a work, a message in your group WhatsApp chat, a Facebook post or ringing your Mum.

You could also use it as a chance to talk to someone who doesn’t know it’s LGBTQ History Month. Whoever you tell, at the end of the month, you can share with them what you’ve learnt.

Don’t forgot to comment and tweet using #LGBTQCalendar to share why this month matters to you. I’ll be tweeting why it matters to me later.