The Stonewall riots aren’t the start of LGBTQ history, but it’s a great starting point for us. Last year was the 50th anniversary of the riots so now’s the perfect time to learn about this pivotal event.

You can easily find out about the Stonewall riots on Wikipedia, YouTube or in LGBTQ history books.

 What three facts will you learn? Here’s some questions to help you:

  • Where is The Stonewall Inn?
  • When did the Stonewall riots happens?
  • What prompted the riots?
  • Who were some of the people there? What was their identity?
  • What happened the following year?

We know about the Stonewall riots from the people who were there, which means there’s always more voices and stories to hear about it. It was a watershed moment in global LGBTQ rights because different people took a stand.

What have you learnt about the Stonewall riots? Comment below and tweet using #PrideEveryDay.