Visible bi role models matter because bi people face double discrimination of homophobia and biphobia.

This include snarky jokes or remarks such as bi people ‘being greedy’. This is not a joke. It is biphobic bullying.

Bi people also experience bi erasure, such as gay people asking why ‘straight couples’ are in the ‘gay bar’ (This also erases trans people).

More than one in four bi women (27 per cent) and almost one in five bi men (18 per cent) have experienced discrimination or poor treatment from others in their local LGBT community because of their sexual orientation, compared to nine per cent of lesbians and four per cent of gay men. (Quoted from Stonewall’s LGBT in Britain report, 2018).

I’ve learnt about being bi, biphobia and bi erasure from the amazing bi friends, flatmates and colleagues I have.

Bi identities remain overlooked and attacked. Find out and learn about a bi role model today.

You could start with Olympic boxer Nicola Adams, now available as a Barbie doll or the Faces of Bisexuality project on

And check out Bi Pride UK’s Bi-Fi Festival online next Saturday, 20th June.