In normal times, a perfect day for me in London would be:

I’m fortunate I’ve got a local friendly LGBTQ venue I can walk to (and walk in to – accessibility in many venues is nonexistent).

Even while venues are physically closed, I can visit them online and on the outside.

This week, I’m running 10k everyday to raise money for Southend Pride. Whilst the venues are physically shut, I’m still running past them to stop for selfies and appreciate what they provide to our community.

Lots of venues and performers are hosting livestreams. Follow your favourite venues and acts on social media to find out what’s happening.

There’s also new online events like Queer House Party on Fridays and Eurovision Again on Saturdays bringing LGBTQ people together.

If you can, support crowdfunding campaigns for independent venues like the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and Clapham Grand and tip performers.