One of my favourite parts of being in my running club London Frontrunners, is chatting to different members. At our recent zoom book club meeting we discussed Tales of the City. Robert share how important the book series was to him when it first came out in the 1970s and 80s.

I’m fortunate that I have amazing queer friendships with LGBTQ people who help me navigate my gay life now. That’s usually means me saying far too too much about my love life. But often those friends at work or at the bar are the same age as me.

Talking to older or younger generations gives a different perspective and insight. For older LGBTQ people, this might be first hand accounts of the AIDS epidemic or their first romances when homosexuality was still illegal in the UK.

For younger LGBTQ people there’s often a fearlessness in sharing their identity and being visible role models and allies to all LGBTQ communities.

We also know that bullying in school and LGBTQ youth homelessness is a huge problem as well as loneliness and isolation for older LGBTQ people.

Today is a chance to hear the stories of people who you don’t always chat with. If you have personal LGBTQ friends who are younger or older, give them a message today.

If you don’t have someone directly to talk to, then you can listen. Find out more about the work of Albert Kennedy Trust or Opening Doors London.