It’s the end of week one on the Pride Month calendar. We’ve already started learning about history and enjoying arts and culture. Today we’ll start discovering LGBTQ role models.

Role models are important to help you be you. I came out as a gay Christian at uni after I’d met other young gay Christians for the first time.

They aren’t all famous or perfect. No one is perfect (maybe with the exception of Lorraine Kelly). A few years ago someone emailed to thank me for being a Christian role model.

It was very sweet to read as I sat in my cold box room in East London. I wasn’t sat on a pedestal or accepting an award.

Individual stories are also useful to learn about different identities and issues. That’s why there’s actions in the calendar to find and learn about role models whose identity includes being lesbian, gay, bi, trans and/or queer (and more).

This month, I hope you’ll learn about role models who you’ve never heard of before and who inspire you.

Today’s action is to learn about a lesbian role model. It could be thinking about a lesbian friend, colleague or family member you know and what you admire about them. Or it could be a more widely known public figure.

I’m going to find out more about a novelist my colleague keeps talking about, Sarah Schulman. Who will you learn about?

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