This morning I broke away from the mundane routine of Good Morning Britain, Radio 2 and alternating between Steps and Carly Rae Jepsen on my morning playlist.

Digital radio station Gaydio is ‘the beat of gay UK’ and actually made me happy rather than watching another Pier’s Morgan manufactured outrage. Expect queer camp classics and today day’s pop hits that you’ll be dancing to Clapham’s Two Brewers as soon as it’s back open.

The news bulletin also told me LGBTQ stories: a new law in Hungary is taking away trans rights.

Then on my morning walk I listened to NYC based podcast Nancy, full of ‘queer stories and conversations’. I gasped by canal lock the as magazine editor Phillip Picardi told his coming out to his ultra-catholic parents.

His insights on queer publishing, honesty in dreams for its survival and finding the right connection with mainstream media was galvanizing.

Hearing queer stories, content just for you matters. LGBTQ radio and podcasts can bring the queer colour to your daily life.

Homo Sapiens accurately describes itself asthe Women’s Hour for an LGBTQ+ audience with chat and interviews from Christopher Sweeney and Alan Cummings, who’s just taken over from Will Young at the start of this fourth season.

Another big UK podcast is A Gay and a NonGay. As with Homo Sapiens, it’s accessible for allies and would-be allies.

Usually just comedy chat between gay James Barr and NonGay Dan Hudson, the special episode A Gay and a NonGay and a Trans gives their wide fanbase a clear understanding on trans lives and transphobia with exceptionally articulate author Juno Dawson.

(Obvious side note: don’t ever call someone a gay or a trans yourself.)

I’ve also enjoyed the podcasts of my friends/Twitter crushes. On The Latch is a panel of gay men openly discussing the scene, sex and love.

I’ve got a long listening list to get stuck into: Bottoming, trans history podcast One From the Vaults, A Breath of Fresh Tea from Stonewall FC players, Queer Talk, The Log Books looking through Switchboard’s archive and Coming Out Stories.

Sadly there’s no LGBTQ category on podcast apps, but just google the phrase and you’ll find a list of recommendations.

What are you listening to?