This year I am going braver than before. Giving up High School Musical two years ago was quite a feat for me (a feat that I failed). Suspending all my shopping urges last year was a challenge but one I achieved. This year though I am disconnecting. Well kind of.

For Lent this year, I will be trading in my Blackberry, my CrackBerry, for another, simpler phone. One where I can make calls and send texts, and be content with that. No more Facebook updates or push emails or brickbreaker. Just a normal phone. And then I thought, there’s not much point doing that if it just shifts my Facebook use even more onto my laptop. So I’m limiting myself to 10 minutes maximum a day on Facebook, to recieve and deal with what I call crucial communication.

I guess I wanted to do this because the’re just paradoxical addictions. I get so caught up in what’s he doing, where she’s been. who’s said what, because I don’t want to be left out, don’t want to miss an email or an opportunity. And yet, I’m missing out on actually living. I’m too concerned with seeing other people living that I stay fixated on the screens, instead of actually connecting with the people I’m with at the time. That’s not good. And that’t why I’ve set myself this challenge.

I urge you all to think about something to give up, or something new to do, something that is fulfilling, whether you’re Christian or not. It’s a really fantastic opportunity for self improvement and exploration. That’s certainly what I’m hoping to gain.